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Hallmark Development and Realty Corporation
Commercial Real Estate Development

Hallmark Development and Realty Corporation specializes in the development of new commercial real estate ventures. We coordinate the various stages of project development for commercial real estate uses, primarily:

    • Hotels, Motels, and Resorts
    • Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
    • Apartments and Senior Residences
    • Retail Centers
    • Self-Storage
    • Office, Medical, and Dental Buildings
    • Golf Courses, Marinas, and Restaurants

As the project coordinator, we use our resources to develop all aspects of the project, including:

    • Site Locations
    • Purchase Negotiations
    • Prototype Designing
    • Construction
    • Franchise Selection
    • Permitting Approvals
    • Feasibilty, Appraisal, and Environmental Reports
    • Title and Escrow Requirements
    • Lender Selection

Our sister company, Hallmark Funding, is housed in the same offices, which allows for total cohesion between the development and the financing of the project.

We have our own software that allows us to calculate project costs, debt service coverage, injection requirements, financial projections, and projected value upon completion based upon industry standards.

After years of experience in commercial real estate finance, we have developed relationships that have made us a commercial real estate matchmaker—matching developers with contractors, architects, lenders, franchisors, operators, management companies, and equity partners.

For further information, please contact us.

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  (800) 952-4618
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